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Cribbage Board
Cribbage Board
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Cribbage Board

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If you are serious about Cribbage then you are going to be excited about this.  Any good Cribbage player will tell you that the board you play with tells a lot about you...well maybe not, but this one will! Sitting around the table at the cabin looking down at the old board found at a garage sale lit an inspiration that some of you could probably relate to. A question lingered, "Aren't there any different cribbage boards?" A quick google search was all it took. Seriously click the link.  The answer came in with a resounding NO! We, in true HogDoggins style designed our own with simplicity and everlasting function being the focus. Little details like the engraved directional arrows for those who seem to always forget what the direction of play is. The storage for the pegs is for guys like me who hate to pull out a game only to find that a piece is missing.

We have designed a solid 6061 aluminum cribbage board built to outlast you. Fully machined in the USA using US sourced material. With playability and portability in mind we integrated pin storage in the ends of each rail with textured caps for ease of removal as well as engraved directional arrows indicating direction of play.

Made for tabletop play the cribbage board is solid and sturdy, ready for even the most celebrated wins. They are made to outlast you. We understand that abuse of the boards will probably only consist of fist pounding and aggressive peg moves we know it would be able to take whatever abuse you put it through in normal game play. Trust that this board will be the only board you ever need to buy and we think it'll be the "go to" board you use mostMade from solid 6061 aluminum and given a Type II anodizing for color.

3 brass and 3 stainless steel pins included. Knobs on the end unscrew for pin storage.

Base is made from the same 6061 aluminum and clear coated.

Bring this to the table next game night and be sure to leave an impression.

Pin storage

Solid construction

Made to outlast you

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