HogDoggins x 01EDC Slider
HogDoggins x 01EDC Slider

HogDoggins x 01EDC Slider

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Hogdoggins/ 01EDC Collab 01Slider

Haptic is the new spinning!

Two of the old timers from the fidget world, Hogdoggin and 01EDC(former Mackie) that join force together to collaborate on this new slider.

It’s been a minute since we started the project and this is definitely the new and improved version from the OG Cp3 from the old days and this one takes the cake! Solid build w/ improved structure to ensure great actions w/ crisp haptic feedback 👌 And the action is not limited by one side only that each top plate can be slided to both directions. That means more eta to fidget and you can work on your own clicking combo/ tricks!

Comes in two metal combos, SS and Zirc. Ready to ship!

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