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HogTag (engraving options available)

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The HogTag is a bottle opener and name tag that goes with your vehicle key/fob.

Made from grade 5 Titanium.

If you have ever lost a key fob you know the frustration and expense that goes with it. No use to anyone but you, however expensive to replace. Chances are with a name and telephone number it will be returned.

Engraving Options

We are offering a 10 character name engraving one the top line and 12 characters for a telephone number on the second.

Ex; Top line: HogDoggins

Second line: 434-231-0146

Please put your engraving choice in the notes at checkout.

Check your spelling as it’s permanently applied and refunds will not be issued for typos or mistakes.

Note: If left blank no engraving will be done.

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